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Inappropriate inhaler technique adds to the total burden of asthma among primary school children: The importance of parental perception of their child’s health
  • Mohammad Al-Motlaq
Mohammad Al-Motlaq
The Hashemite University Faculty of Nursing

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Background: Asthma is a major health issue with an extensive burden to family and health systems. The purpose of this study was to assess the burden of illness among school children with asthma in Jordan. Methods: A descriptive exploratory design was used. Children with asthma (7-14 years of age) and their parents completed questionnaires about asthma management and burden including symptoms and health services use. An assessment of children’s proper use of inhalers was conducted. Results: Outcomes indicate high burden of illness manifested in the majority of children who experienced symptoms, asthma attacks, ER visits, and admission because of their asthma. The majority performed incorrect inhaler technique which reflects uncontrolled asthma and poor management. Parental perception of their child’s health compared well with their burden of asthma. Conclusions: The high reported burden (symptoms and services use, use of inhalers) calls for collaboration between professionals and stakeholders with children and caregivers in planning and implementing care. This study supports the importance of parental perceptions in managing their child’s asthma.