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From Neurons to Brain - Discussing the Neural Structure Features in the Flow of Human Consciousness
  • Yao Wu
Yao Wu
Tongji University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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People may never be able to find a neural mechanism that measures the number of action potentials at the neuron scale. For the entire cerebral cortex, a neuron is merely a geometric point, devoid of spatiotemporal features. Neurons cannot tolerate electrical activity that is consistently higher than the action potential. At a certain point in time, numerous neurons collectively generate an “unbearable neural behavior” that forms a “neural sensation.” This “neural sensation” merges to create “neural information,” which in turn produces a “conscious response” within the entire cerebral cortex. The sensations caused by granule cells in the cerebral cortex are specific, while those caused by projection cells in the cerebral cortex are structural. This is because the distribution of granule cells in the cerebral cortex is highly specialized, while projection cells are homogenized. In a brain, neurons with the same properties possess the same neural sensations.