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A probabilistic, and expanding Universe
  • Ntelis Pierros
Ntelis Pierros
Aix-Marseille Universite

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Context: In this study, we embrace information by presenting important concepts of abstract information field theory, probabilities, and probabilistic dimensions, in the view of functors of actions theories and other abstract theories. Methodology: The methods used are the presentation of a collection of manifold-metric pairs, probabilistic notions, simple topology, and Einstein-Boltzman equations and the combination of this collection. Results: These combinations result to different flavours of an expanding sub-manifold and metric systems describing simpler dynamics of space around massive objects. Furthermore, we derive the equation of motion of a simplified gravity model in a probabilistic expanding Universe. We further introduce the notions of probabilistic actions and concepts of novel categories of abstract field-particles, such as the probablons and informatons. Conclusion: We conclude that the derived equations are the first steps towards a concrete description of a probabilistic gravity, and a probabilistic expanding Universe descriptions.