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The Inheritance of Information: Challenging the Traditional View of Inheritance
  • Mesut Tez
Mesut Tez
Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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According to the classical view of heredity, genes are the only bearers of genetic information. Nonetheless, there is mounting evidence to support the notion that biological systems, including epigenetic alterations, non-coding RNA molecules, and environmental variables, transmit information beyond genes. This “Inheritance of Information” idea contradicts the traditional notion of heredity and has profound consequences for our knowledge of medicine, evolution, and the basis of life itself. This article investigates the evidence supporting the Inheritance of Information hypothesis and its ramifications, including the possible creation of novel therapies for diseases that target epigenetic alterations, a more nuanced understanding of how species evolve and adapt to changing environments, and a revised definition of life as “informational replicators.”