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Challenges of Blended Learning
  • Jerey Sanders,
  • Alba Altman
Jerey Sanders

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Alba Altman


Designing an effective blended learning strategy requires carefully considering the right blend for different learning objectives. Blended learning is more than just blending in-person and online instruction. Finding the best-blended learning methodologies to achieve various desired learning outcomes is the tricky part. To address this issue, blended learning designers use a model of criteria as a guideline. The common challenges are matching the developed model with a conceptual framework and understanding the efficiency of the developed model. Therefore, formative assessment methods, such as expert review, one-on-one evaluation, and field testing, were used to address these study concerns. The goal of this paper is to present an overview of the methods and models for selecting the best-blended learning approach. It also highlights the need for further investigations to address students, teachers, and institutional challenges in blended learning.