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Autonomous Vehicle Control Systems- State of the Art of Decision-Making and Maneuver execution
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  • Sara Abdallaoui,
  • Ali Kribèche,
  • Ahmed Chaibet,
  • El Hassane Aglzim
Sara Abdallaoui
University of Burgundy

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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University of Burgundy
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Ali Kribèche
University of Burgundy
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Ahmed Chaibet
University of Burgundy
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El Hassane Aglzim
University of Burgundy
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As self-driving cars perform more tasks, new challenges arise. One of these challenging tasks is autonomous driving decision-making due to the uncertainty of the vehicle’s complex environment. This paper provides an overview of decision-making technology and trajectory control for autonomous vehicles. The main common goal in decision-making is to consider uncertainties, unpredictable situations, and driving tasks to propose a global and robust solution adapted to each situation. The main concern is safety. Decision-making falls into three categories. The first is the traditional approach, which often consists of building a rule system and deriving optimal operations. The advantages of such an approach are well known for being easy to understand and applicable to small problems. The second category of decision-making is based on a probabilistic process and, due to its efficiency, has several applications in this area. The third category is learning-based approaches. Once a decision has been made, manipulate the steering angle or accelerator/brake pedals to perform the appropriate action. Two approaches are existing to designing autonomous driving controllers. Either based on imitating human drivers that includes approaches based on the use of driver models such as AI, or the use of approach-based models
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