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The effects of accident pregnancy CHB patients’ reproductive age on their offspring during entecavir antiviral therapy: an observational study
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  • Lihua Cao,
  • shiwu li,
  • jingchao dong,
  • jingkui wen,
  • lina ding,
  • yahui ge,
  • peili zhao,
  • qing yang,
  • Xiaoyuan Xu,
  • Hui Zhuang
Lihua Cao
Qinhuangdao Third Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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jingchao dong
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jingkui wen
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peili zhao
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qing yang
Qinhuangdao Women's and Children's Hospital
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Xiaoyuan Xu
Peking University First Hospital
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Hui Zhuang
Peking University Health Science Center
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Background The study aimed to investigate the effects of accident pregnancy CHB (Chronic Hepatitis B) patients’ reproductive age on their offspring during entecavir (ETV) antiviral therapy. Methods We retrospectively enrolled 112 couples were divided into observational and control groups. 53 couples who had accident pregnancies while receiving long-term ETV antiviral medication were recruited for the observational group. The control group comprised 59 couples who became pregnant accidentally while receiving long-term TDF antiviral treatment. All mothers persisted in their pregnancies in the observational group, and ETV was promptly replaced with TDF. Every mother remained pregnant and continued to use TDF in the control group. Results The maternal and baby safety profiles, including the prevalence of congenital disabilities, were comparable across the observational and control groups at delivery. In addition, no unusual indications or symptoms of the newborns were noted during the follow-up intervals of 28, 48, and 96 weeks postpartum. Conclusions Initiating ETV or TDF in early and middle pregnancy seems to be safe for both mothers and infants. Important data from our investigation support using ETV in early-mid gestational accident pregnancies and the prompt substitution of TDF antiviral medication for ETV. The pregnancy was not needed to be terminated.