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Reopening the “CANCER MOONSHOT” in the United States: A great task in the COVID-19 era
  • Chunsong Hu
Chunsong Hu
Nanchang University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Cancer is currently a leading cause of mortality in the globe, particularly in the COVID-19 era, due to not enough and not in time care and treatment as well as limited coverage of COVID-19 vaccination. This article briefly discusses the reopening of the “CANCER MOONSHOT” in the United States (US). It’s time for conduction of novel strategies such as the iRT-ABCDEFG and web-based programs for prevention and management of cancer, and further deepen cooperation between China and the US so as to combat cancer and save more lives. In conclusion, as a huge biomedical engineering, the reopening of “CANCER MOONSHOT” is a great task with a special significance and value in the field of cancer prevention and treatment in the COVID-19 era.