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Solitary and periodic wave solutions of the space-time fractional Extended Kawahara equation
  • Dilek Varol
Dilek Varol
Pamukkale University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The extended Kawahara (Gardner Kawahara) equation is the improved form of the KdV equation which is one of the important nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics. In that research, the analytical solutions of the conformable fractional extended Kawahara equation are obtained by utilizing the Jacobi elliptic function expansion method. This expansion method has been applied to the different fractional forms of the extended Kawahara equation such as the fractionality occurs in time, space or both time and space by using the suitable change of variables. Besides, various types of fractional problems are exhibited to expose the realistic application of the given method and some of the obtained solutions have been illustrated by two- or three-dimensional graphics as the proof of the visualisation.