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Factors influencing data-driven healthcare and learning health system
  • Salifu Yusif,
  • Abdul Hafeez-Baig
Salifu Yusif
James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abdul Hafeez-Baig
University of Southern Queensland Faculty of Business Education Law and Arts
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The health industry is undergoing a critical transformation to become data-driven to catch up with other service industries. To achieve this, the industry would need to transition from its current conventional digital health models, which are impacted by several factors ranging from data quality and availability, technology advancement/trend, enabling ecosystem, public-private partnership, and care consumer participation to data skills development and change management. It would need to create a learning health system (LHS) when it integrates and inculcates knowledge-generating capabilities in its operations to take advantage of big data to identify healthcare service quality gaps and evaluate interventions for progressive improvement. But first, it has to continue to explore and come up with novel data-generating innovations, the use of data by healthcare consumers and providers, and reliable data regulation to ensure privacy and security as factors that influence data-driven healthcare design/models.