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Additive manufacturing concepts for automotives parts and its extensions -- Review
Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:sivasankaran.panneerselvam@yahoo.com

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Modern technologies in general have had a significant impact on the universe in our quickly expanding globe. To produce diverse automobile subassemblies utilizing 3D printing technologies, additive manufacturing is the recommended technology. The manufacturing parts for automobiles are produced using 3D printing, an environmentally friendly method of layer-by-layer material deposition. The goal of this paper is to use a survey approach to gather information about additive manufacturing for automotive parts from a variety of well regarded indexed journals. Additionally, a brief explanation of the various techniques for carrying out 3D printing procedures for vehicle parts Likewise examining the relative merits of several techniques in terms of price, accuracy, and surface quality. Choosing the best inexpensive approach based on price and other factors