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A Local Stress Criterion to Assess the Effects of Hydrogen Embrittlement on the Fracture Strength of Notched Tensile Specimens
  • Claudio Ruggieri,
  • Diego Sarzosa,
  • Marcelo Paredes
Claudio Ruggieri
University of São Paulo

Corresponding Author:claudio.ruggieri@usp.br

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Diego Sarzosa
University of São Paulo
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Marcelo Paredes
Texas A&M University
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This work addresses the applicability of a local criterion incorporating the coupling of critical stress and a critical hydrogen concentration to predict hydrogen embrittlement effects on the fracture strength of high strength steels using notched round specimens with different notch root radii. The numerical simulations incorporating a relatively simple hydrogen transport model provide strong support to the adoption of a failure criterion in terms of achieving a critical level of tensile stress coupled to the local hydrogen concentration, which, in turn, enable the construction of a failure locus for the material. For the cases analyzed here, construction of such a failure locus based on a critical combination of maximum principal stress and hydrogen concentration enabled predictions of fracture strength for hydrogen-charged tensile specimens which are in very good agreement with experimental data. Overall, the results presented here lend additional support for further developments of a local stress-based criterion to predict hydrogen embrittlement effects on the fracture strength of high strength steels.
14 Feb 2023Submitted to Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures
14 Feb 2023Assigned to Editor
14 Feb 2023Submission Checks Completed
17 Feb 2023Reviewer(s) Assigned