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New and Simple Synthetic Strategy for 2D Ultra-microporous Aromatic Framework for Selective Uranium Capture in Liquid
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  • Mudasir Ahmad,
  • Jianquan Ren,
  • Mehraj-ud-din Naik,
  • Yabin Wang,
  • Ajit Khosla,
  • Qiuyu Zhang,
  • Baoliang Zhang
Mudasir Ahmad
Northwestern Polytechnical University
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Jianquan Ren
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Mehraj-ud-din Naik
Jazan University
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Yabin Wang
Northwestern Polytechnical University
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Ajit Khosla
Xidian University
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Qiuyu Zhang
Northwestern Polytechnical University
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Baoliang Zhang
Northwestern Polytechnical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Economical uranium adsorption from seawater remains a crucial task for energy and environmental safety. Aiming for improving the mass transfer rate of uranium adsorption. Herein, a novel 2D porous aromatic framework(PAF) based on nucleophilic substitution of 2,5-dichloro benzonitrile was synthesized, with an ordered prous structure, excellent stability and selectivity of uranium extraction from seawater. PAF shows excellent uranium adsorption capacity of 637 mg/g and 3.22 mg/g in simulated and real seawater because of highly accessible pores on the walls of open channels. In addition, benefiting from the super-hydrophilicity due to the presence of amidoxime groups attributes high selectivity and ultrafast kinetics with an uptake rate of 0.43±0.03 mg/g.day and allowing half-saturation within 1.35±0.09 day. This strategy demonstrates a potential of PAF not only in uranium trap but also possess a power to monitor water quality. This technique can be extended in other applications by sensible planning target ligands
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