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Application and development of Construction Robot
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  • 朋昊 李,
  • Yubing Hu,
  • Tiannan Xu,
  • Yu Rui
朋昊 李
Zhejiang Lab Research Center for Intelligent Robot
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Yubing Hu
Zhejiang Lab Research Center for Intelligent Robot
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Tiannan Xu
Beijing HURWA Robot Medical Technology Co Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yu Rui
Chiba Kogyo Daigaku Mirai Robot Gijutsu Kenkyu Center
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Introduction With the rapid acceleration of the economic construction,the recent years have witnessed a huge development in the building industry. Based on the characteristics of the building industry,the technology of industrial robot has been introduced and the development of building robots has become an inevitable trend with pertinences. Methods In combination with the aspects of mechanical structure and control system and so on,the present situation of application and study of wall construction robots,decoration construction robots,maintenance construction robots,rescue construction robots and 3D printing construction robots at home and abroad are systematically reviewed in this paper.At the same time,from the aspects of structure design,sensor technology,navigation & positioning technology and control system and so on. Conclusion out the future developmental direction of building robotics–integrating high-precision, lightweight design, intelligence and other features.