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Artificial Intelligence Based Architecture to Enhance Cloud Computing Security
  • Noman Mazher,
  • Zartashya Asharaf,
  • Mr Avinash Ganne
Noman Mazher
Univresity of Gujrat

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Zartashya Asharaf
Univresity of Gujrat
Mr Avinash Ganne
Univresity of Gujrat


Cloud computing (CC) provides users with online access to network services, including enhanced, transparent user management and the capacity to gather and process data. A shared Internet gateway is offered by CC, which is evolving into a private and public data center set. The integration of AI technologies into a substantial amount of computer resources, especially integrated systems, presents a number of resource problems that require careful adjustment. The IoT paradigm recently evolved in an application for smart environments. Security and privacy are seen as being of the utmost importance in any smart IoT environment in the real world. Digital environments face security threats as a result of security flaws in IoT-based networks. Because AI has excellent learning capabilities, it is more dependable and effective at spotting harmful threats. The current architecture presented in this article will support several applications of AI in digital homes detailed study of security concerns and issues.