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A Critical Study on the Researches about the Application of Neurothecnology in Education
  • Hatef Pourrashidi Alibigloo,
  • Javad Alipoor
Hatef Pourrashidi Alibigloo
Islamic Azad University Tabriz Branch
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Javad Alipoor
University of Tabriz

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The education and pedagogy have been adopted with the growth of technology in order to achieve efficient consequences by the usage of innovational and up-to-date technologies. The new methods in neuroscience and neurotechnology have influenced education and classrooms. A considerable number of researches have been projected in this field that all try to demonstrate the advantages of neurotechnology in education and classrooms. In fact, most researchers have connived its harms and disadvantages on students and learning system and the sphere of the classrooms. This paper tries to survey on the fourteen recent researches in the framework of critical theory to discuss the adverse effects of neurotechnology as well as their neglected aspects in education and the classrooms.