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Experimental Verifications of the applicability of the Wöhler Curve Method for a low-cycle fatigue of metallic materials
  • xiangqiao yan
xiangqiao yan
Harbin Institute of Technology Library

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Recently, a description on a practicability of the Wöhler Curve Method for LCF of metallic materials was given by Yan. By the description and the low-cycle fatigue test data of 16MnR steel, it is important to illustrate that, for LCF of the metallic material, such a way that a “stress quantity” calculated based on the linear-elastic analysis is taken to be the stress intensity parameter, S, to establish a relationship between the stress intensity parameter, S, and the fatigue life, N, is practicable. In this study, many examples from the literature are given to illustrate that the Wöhler Curve Method is well suitable for LCF analysis of metallic materials