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Test Suite Assessment of Safety-Critical Systems using Safety Tactics and Fault-Based Mutation Testing
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  • Havva Gulay Gurbuz,
  • Bedir Tekinerdogan,
  • Nagehan Pala Er,
  • Cagatay Catal
Havva Gulay Gurbuz
Wageningen University
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Bedir Tekinerdogan
Wageningen University

Corresponding Author:bedir.tekinerdogan@wur.nl

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Nagehan Pala Er
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Cagatay Catal
Qatar University
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A safety-critical system is a system in which the software malfunctioning could result in death, injury, or damage to the environment. Addressing safety concerns early on at the architecture design level is critical to guide the subsequent life cycle activities to ensure that the eventual system is reliable. A fundamental approach to address safety at the design level is the adoption of architectural tactics. It is crucial for safety-critical systems to correctly implement the constraints as defined by the selected safety tactics. This article proposes a systematic approach for assessing the adequacy of test suites of safety-critical systems based on these architectural safety tactics. We use a case study to evaluate the effectiveness of our approach using fault-injection techniques. Our study shows that this systematic approach is feasible and effective for test suite assessment of safety-critical systems.