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The Trajectory of Pharmacometrics to Support Drug Licensing & Labelling
  • Allison Dunn,
  • Jogarao Gobburu
Allison Dunn
University of Maryland Baltimore
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Jogarao Gobburu
University of Maryland

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The field of pharmacometrics has been responsible for countless advancements within the drug development space. In recent years, we have witnessed the implementation of both new and revived analytical methods to increase clinical trial success and even supplement the need for clinical trials all together. Throughout this article we will explore the path of pharmacometrics from its inception to present day. At this point in time, the target of drug development has been the average patient, and population approaches have primarily been utilized to support just that. The challenge we are now facing involves the translation from treating the typical patient to treating the real-world patient. For this reason, it is our opinion that future development efforts should account more for the individual. With advanced pharmacometric methods and growing technological infrastructure, precision medicine can become a development priority rather than a clinician's burden.
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