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Morphological examination of hard palate in the Tabby cats
  • Mehmet CAN,
  • Ayşe Gizem ERMİŞ
Mehmet CAN
BalikesirUniversity Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Anatomy

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ayşe Gizem ERMİŞ
BalikesirUniversity Health Sciences Institute Department of Anatomy
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The aim of this study was to investigate the morphology of the Tabby cat hard palate by light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), in addition to gross and morphometric analysis. A total of 20 Tabby cat heads used. The materials was provided from the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Temporary Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, Balıkesir, Turkey. Adult, regardless of gender difference, died from variety of reasons and 20 Tabby cat cadavers which weigh approximately 3-4 kilograms were brought to the laboratory in accordance with the procedure. Hard palates were subjected to gross examination, morphometric analysis, light and scanning electron microscopy. The tabby cats hard palate was split up rostral and caudal parts and incisive papilla (papilla incisiva), rugae palatina (palatine rugae) and with gutter between them, the presence of palatine raphe (raphe palatina) and secondary (palatine rugae) rugae palatina were observed. The rostral and caudal parts of hard palate were determined to have a smooth appearance with SEMx540 50 μm magnification and the presence of epithelial desquamations was found.out. It was determined that rostral and caudal part of the tabby cat’s hard palate had a honeycomb appearance of the microplicae of the x6000 5 μm magnification hard palate epithelium with SEM. Round islets were detected with the SEM at the magnification of x600 50μm of the incisive papilla, the x270 100 μm of the rostral-caudal parts, and the x440 50 μm of the gutter between the palatine rugae. These adaptations of the Tabby cat’s hard palate might increase its efficiency during ingestion and mastication of hard food and in directing the food backwards. The study shows the detailed anatomical description of the hard palate of the Tabby cat with light and scanning electron microscopy.