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Direct-Indirect PWM vector controlled of the dual-star asynchronous motor based on a modified winding function approach using the current controller for a six-phase inverter
  • Safia Bouchaala
Safia Bouchaala
Universite Mohamed Khider de Biskra Laboratoire de Genie Electrique Biskra

Corresponding Author:amina09024@yahoo.com

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This paper deals with the double-star asynchronous motor, this kind of six-phase induction motor has many advantages for the industry community with the help of power electronic switches. We care about the party of command for this motor, a comparative study of a direct and indirect PWM vector controlled with different criteria to find the robust one. The mathematical model of the dual star- motor takes into account the spatial harmonics of induction distribution on bars of the squirrel cage rotor and the calculation of his different inductions based on the modified winding function approach (MWFA). Our test for the two commands is happening under different operating conditions such as load torque changes, and speed variation, with an effect of the presence of spatial harmonics.