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Ultralong afterglow and unity quantum yield from a transparent CsCdCl3: Mn crystal
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  • Yeqi Liu,
  • Xiangzhou Zhang,
  • Xiaojia Wang,
  • Shao Yan,
  • Yanjie Liang,
  • Yuhai Zhang
Xiangzhou Zhang
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Xiaojia Wang
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Yanjie Liang
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Yuhai Zhang

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Transparent afterglow crystals are keenly desired for three-dimensional information storage. Herein, CsCdCl3 perovskite crystals were grown by a programmable cooling procedure in a hydrothermal reactor. The pristine crystal showed an abnormal optical behavior where the absorption increased by 2.3 folds at high temperature, leading to a 4-fold boost of PL intensity. After Mn2+ doping, the PL QY was improved to nearly unity. Importantly, the doped crystals exhibited an ultralong afterglow up to 12 hours after ceasing UV excitation and a high transmittance up to 75% in the visible region. This work brought a new member to the library of transparent afterglow crystal, opening up many possibilities to advanced applications such as volumetric display and three-dimensional information encryption.
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