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Active Temperature Control in Photoelectrochemical Measurements - Metrology for Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Christian Hagendorf,
  • David Adner,
  • Max Pohl
Christian Hagendorf
Fraunhofer CSP

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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David Adner
Fraunhofer CSP
Max Pohl
Fraunhofer CSP


The temperature has a large impact on the rate of a chemical reaction. For photoelectrochemical water splitting it has been shown that the photocurrent of a tungsten oxide anode increases by 64 % in a temperature interval of 25 to 65 °C.
Photoelectrochemical cells are usually not equipped with systems for active temperature control. This limits the reliability of measurement data, especially for long measurements under illumination (e.g., impedance spectroscopy). Insufficient comparability of materials is an obstacle for development and application of photoelectrochemical modules.
02 Jan 2023Submitted to APPL Interactive Papers
02 Jan 2023Published in APPL Interactive Papers