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 Association between the myths of romantic love and the tolerance and perpetration of teen dating violence
  • Judith Velasco Rodríguez,
  • Francisco J. Sanmartín
Judith Velasco Rodríguez

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Francisco J. Sanmartín
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\ref{408840}The myths of romantic love are so deeply rooted in our culture that they have shaped the way we conceive relationships. These myths have been linked to intimate partner violence, beginning in teen dating relationships. Since these myths are present throughout socialization, it is possible that their acceptance is associated with a higher perpetration of abuse, but also with its acceptance because of its normalization. This study explored the relationship of romantic love myths with the commission and tolerance of violent behavior in a sample of 70 participants between 13 and 17 years of age. The results showed a considerable acceptance of the myths of romantic love between adolescents, and a relationship between the myths and abusive behavior (both perpetrated and experienced), being psychological and relational abuse the most common. No gender differences were observed, which may support the hypothesis of bidirectionality, that is, boys and girls engage in abusive behavior in dating relationships. The implications of these results for prevention are discussed.
Keywords:  dating violence, myths, romantic love, bidirectionality, adolescents