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Horse Herd Optimization Algorithm based MPPT controller for Solar Tree Application
  • Punitha K
Punitha K
PSR Engineering College

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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It is imperative to explore renewable energy options to meet the energy needs of our growing population as well as to prevent pollution and natural hazards. Solar irradiance can be harnessed into electrical power by installing photovoltaic panels under the sun. In order to install conventional solar panels, a large space was required, which would be a loss as the population grows. The drawbacks of this approach can be overcome by designing natural tree-like structures to maximize solar power generation on a minimum of land. In solar trees, phyllotaxy, the pattern of branches and leaves, is often used as inspiration for the arrangement of solar panels. In order to achieve the optimal solar panel power, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is used, which involves constantly changing the angle of the panels or adjusting the optimum voltage for the controller based on irradiance angle changes in order to obtain the maximum power. In the first option, the tracking equipment requires some power, and in the second, MPPT algorithms must be selected carefully. An MPPT algorithm based on the horse herd optimization (HHO) algorithm is used for solar tree applications in this study. A MATLAB/Simulink tool is used to analyze the proposed technique under various atmospheric conditions.