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Hyperprolific authors in the  top 2% scientists of the world            
  • Akira J Abduh
Akira J Abduh

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Scientific publication metrics  are commonly used to assess the quality of scientific publications and works. These metrics can be used to assess the caliber and significance of a scientific publication as well as the productivity and accomplishment of a scientist's study. Citation metrics and the quantity of papers are closely associated, notwithstanding the importance of citations. Studies suggest many scientists are capable of publishing a scientific publication in just five days. This study critically investigates these so-called hyper prolific authors using the Stanford top 2% world scientists database. The findings clearly show that certain authors publish, on average, 100–200 publications annually, even those with a single author. A closer inspection uncovers this top 2% database's weakness and the fact that these authors from the field of medicine are actually journalists. Even Nobel laureates were ranked lower than some of these journalists. Subsequent inquiry reveals certain related researchers who publish more than 100 articles in environmental sciences per year and set records for the most highly cited papers ever. In order to ensure that the process of publishing a paper is carried out honestly and that the search of knowledge is not hampered by personal interests, it is decided that the scientific community has to develop ethical norms and procedures regarding the number of publications.