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Infection prevention and  tissue repair in skin lesions using treatments based on a chlorine dioxide  solution: case studies   
  • Manuel Aparicio-Alonso
Manuel Aparicio-Alonso

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Optimal regeneration of skin lesions needs to ensure protection against opportunistic infections that may hinder the healing process or increase the risk of infection. The use of antibiotics to avoid infection can, in some cases, interfere with tissue regeneration, and often fails due to resistant bacterial strains. Thus, there is a need to expand the arsenal of safe and effective treatment options available. Here, we document the prevention of infections and tissue repair in skin lesions using treatments based on a chlorine dioxide solution. We document four case reports, that include an abdominal burn by a chemical agent, a palpebral burn by extreme heat, limb ulceration due to vascular insufficiency, and a melanoma of the scalp. All lesions were treated topically with a chlorine dioxide solution, and systemically when necessary, according to previously proposed protocols. All four patients showed complete dermal regeneration, with aesthetic results, no side effects or any evidence of adverse effects or interactions with the concomitant treatments used. The results constitute evidence that a topical or systemic solution of chlorine dioxide is safe as an antiseptic treatment in the adequate and swift resolution of skin lesions.