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Maternal and neonatal outcomes after benzodiazepine and benzodiazepine agonist exposure during pregnancy in women with mental disorders
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  • Hennique Knobbe,
  • Elvera Damer,
  • Mireille Edens,
  • Bas Nij Bijvank,
  • Marieke Hemels,
  • Peter Ter Horst
Hennique Knobbe
Isala klinieken
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Elvera Damer
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Mireille Edens
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Bas Nij Bijvank
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Marieke Hemels
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Peter Ter Horst
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Abstract Objective To compare the gestational age of neonates in utero exposed to benzodiazepines (BDZs) with none exposed controls. Secondary objectives were; birth weight, presence of congenital malformations, APGAR score, and the need for > 3 months (prolonged) maternal psychiatric care. Study design A retrospective cohort study of women and neonates from 2013 to 2021 with univariate and multivariable analysis to study the associations between BDZs exposure and gestational age compared to non-exposed women with mental health problems. Results We found that BDZ exposure was associated with a lower gestational age of -3.2 days (95% CI -5.8 , -0.53 days). Women in the exposed group had an increased risk of psychiatric care (adjusted OR 2.511 (95% CI 1.675 – 3.782), p < 0.001). Conclusion We found that in utero BDZ exposure was independently associated with a significantly lower gestational age of the neonates and prolonged psychiatric care of their mothers.
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