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Based on tourism product diversification promotion strategy: Application of 3D digital model in the formulation of rural family tourism promotion strategy in Hainan Province
  • Yangjing Lu
Yangjing Lu
Haikou Univeristy of Economics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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As an important factor that drives the economic growth of local tourism industry, the promotion strategy of tourism products affects the overall tourism market planning. As a rapidly developing type of tourism in recent years, rural parent-child tourism, which combines two characteristics of rural experience and parent-child experience, occupies an important market of tourism industry. The fast pace of urban life is inundating urban residents, but also makes more urban residents willing to calm down, to experience the fun of rural parent-child life, to enhance the emotions with the family. At present, the development of China's rural parent-child tourism is lagging behind, and the tourism products are very single and not attractive enough to tourists. Based on the promotion strategy of tourism products, this paper selects Hainan Province as the research base of rural parent-child tourism, and builds a three-dimensional digital model to formulate the promotion strategy of rural parent-child tourism in Hainan in order to create a market of rural parent-child tourism in Hainan with high brand value, diversified product portfolio and rich industrial chain, and also hopes to provide theoretical value for the development of rural parent-child tourism in other regions in China.