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  • Perihan Senel Tekin,
  • Fevziye BEKAR
Perihan Senel Tekin
Ankara Universitesi Saglik Hizmetleri Meslek Yuksekokulu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fevziye BEKAR
Gumushane Universitesi
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Entrepreneurship is encouraged in every sector in the twenty-first century. In the field of health, nurse entrepreneurship emerges as an important issue in providing health services and improving public health. In this research, the development of entrepreneurial behavior in nursing in the world and a systematic examination of this development within the framework of academic knowledge are aimed. For this purpose, the types of entrepreneurship discussed in the last 10 years of research in the field of entrepreneurship in nursing and the methods, findings and results of these studies were examined. As a result of the search made in databases with high international recognition, 78.761 publications on nurse entrepreneurship were reached in the last ten years, and 30 articles were included in the final review. Classical, social, collective and intrapreneurship were discussed in these studies, which were examined in terms of entrepreneurship typology. As a result of the review, it was seen that the studies in the literature mostly focused on the opportunities and obstacles in front of entrepreneurial nurses. While collective entrepreneurship was included for the first time in the literature, it was found that eco-entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship have not yet been the subject of research on nurse entrepreneurship. However, it has been found that more research is needed on the relations between entrepreneurial nurses and non-governmental organizations, the incentives for increasing entrepreneurship and role modeling in entrepreneurship.