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Opportunities to advance the synthesis of ecology and evolution
  • Michel Loreau,
  • Philippe Jarne,
  • Jennifer Martiny
Michel Loreau
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Corresponding Author:michel.loreau@gmail.com

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Philippe Jarne
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Jennifer Martiny
University of California Irvine
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Despite growing interactions between ecology and evolution, there still remain opportunities to further integrate the two disciplines, especially when considering multispecies systems. Here, we discuss two such opportunities. First, we suggest to relax the focus on the distinction between evolutionary and ecological processes. This focus is particularly unhelpful in the study of microbial communities, where the very notion of species is hard to define. Second, we propose that key processes of evolutionary theory such as adaptation should be exported to hierarchical levels higher than populations to make sense of biodiversity dynamics. Together, we argue that broadening our perspective of eco-evolutionary dynamics to be more inclusive of all biodiversity, both phylogenetically and hierarchically, will open up fertile new research directions and help us to address one the major scientific challenges of our time, i.e. to understand and predict changes in biodiversity in the face of rapid environmental change.
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