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Elastomeric Polymers for Conductive Layers of Flexible Sensors: Materials, Fabrication, Performance, and Applications
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  • Yingxiang Huang,
  • Cong Peng,
  • Yu Li,
  • Yanzhao Yang,
  • Wei Feng
Yingxiang Huang
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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Cong Peng
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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Yanzhao Yang
Tianjin University
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Wei Feng
Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the wave of the Internet era created by computer and communication technology, flexible sensors play an important role in accurately collecting information owing to their excellent flexibility, ductility, freeform bending or folding, and versatile structural shapes. By endowing elastomeric polymers with conductivity, researchers have recently devoted extensive efforts toward developing high-performance flexible sensors based on elastomeric conductive layers and exploring their potential applications in diverse fields ranging from project manufacturing to daily life. This review reports the recent advancements in elastomeric polymers used to make conductive layers, as well as the relationships between elastomeric polymers and the performance and application of flexible sensors are comprehensively summarized. First, the principles and methods for using elastomeric polymers to construct conductive layers are provided. Then, the fundamental design, unique properties, and underlying mechanisms in different flexible sensors (pressure/strain, temperature, humidity) and their related applications are revealed. Finally, this review concludes with a perspective on the challenges and future directions of high-performance flexible sensors.
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