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Speed Control of Solar PV Array Powered PMBLDC Motor Drive with P, PI, & PID Controllers: A Comparison study
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  • satishkumar D,
  • Ali Moghassemi,
  • Ron Carter SB,
  • Amit Vilas Sant
satishkumar D
New Horizon College of Engineering
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Ali Moghassemi
Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ron Carter SB
Rajalakshmi Engineering College
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Amit Vilas Sant
Pandit Deendayal Energy University
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Because of their high efficiency, better starting torque, and minimal electrical noise, permanent magnet brushless DC (PMBLDC) motors are frequently used in a variety of industrial applications. The speed of PMBLDC motors is controlled by a variety of controllers. In this study, P, PI, and PID controllers are used to compare the speed control of a permanent magnet brushless dc motor drive powered by solar PV arrays. The Perturb & Observe (P&O) technique is used to find the MPPT. The drive system’s simulation results for various operation modes, such as constant and variable load circumstances, are examined and evaluated. When using a PID Controller instead of a P or PI controller, the drive performs better at controlling speed. The software MATLAB/Simulink was used to model, control, and simulate the permanent magnet brushless DC motor drive. The whole drive system is put into operation with the help of the dSPACE MicroLabBox 1202