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Fuzzy Inventory Model without Shortage Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number with Sensitivity Analysis
  • D Dutta,
  • Pavan Kumar

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
D Dutta
Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology
Pavan Kumar
Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology


In the present paper, an inventory model without shortages has been considered in a fuzzy environment. Our goal is to determine the optimal total cost and the optimal order quantity for the proposed inventory model. The Trapezoidal fuzzy numbers have been introduced in order to achieve this goal. The computation of economic order quantity (EOQ) is carried out through defuzzification process by using signed distance method. The signed distance method is more applicable than the other methods of defuzzification. To illustrate the results of the proposed model, we have given two model examples and presented the computational results. Sensitivity for this model is also studied, which shows a linear relation between demand, EOQ, and total cost. The advantage of the proposed approach is that it is simple, gives a better result in relatively less computational work.