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Urethral diverticula in a 26-year-old gelding: a unique case report
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  • Lisa-Marie Hermans,
  • Laura Borde-Doré,
  • Bianca Drumond,
  • Jean-Luc Cadoré
Lisa-Marie Hermans
VetAgro Sup

Corresponding Author:lisa-marie.hermans@vetagro-sup.fr

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Laura Borde-Doré
VetAgro Sup
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Bianca Drumond
VetAgro Sup
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Jean-Luc Cadoré
Université de Lyon, VetAgro Sup, Campus Vétérinaire de Lyon
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Urethral diverticula have been described in other species. Congenital anomalies of the urinary tract in horses are rare. A 26-year-old gelding presented with complaints of abdominal discomfort and dysuria. Urine dribbling was reported since several years. General clinical examination was within normal limits. Rectal palpation showed a distended bladder, which was emptied spontaneously after manipulation. Urine cytology showed an increased white blood cell count and presence of bacteria. Bacterial culture however remained sterile. Cystoscopy identified two symmetrical urethral diverticula dorsal to the entrance of the bladder, lined with normal epithelium. Mucosa of the bladder, urethra and two diverticula were hyperemic with evidence of urine accumulation in both diverticula. Ultrasound, abdominal and transrectal, did not identify the diverticula. Treatment included trimethoprim-sulfamides and meloxicam. After 2 weeks, the owner reported resolution of clinical signs. It is unclear if the diverticula in this case were congenital or acquired. In humans it is described that urethral diverticula can be asymptomatic and incidental findings. Surgical intervention has been described in small animal and human medicine with complete resolution of clinical signs, however in this case was not possible due to financial restraints.
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