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Novel green formulation, characterization, anti-human oral cancer, antioxidant and cytotoxicity effects of plant extract based silver nanoparticles
  • Huang Fang
Huang Fang
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Rheum ribes L. is one of the popular fruits in Asian culture. R. ribes has many pharmaceutical applications in folklore medicine. In the present study, the extract of the dried leaf of R. ribes was used as a reducing agent for the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles. Various chemical methods such as FE-SEM, XRD, and FT-IR were used to characterize AgNPs. The results of XRD showed 28.19 nm for the crystal size of AgNPs. A spherical morphology was confirmed for the nanoparticles using FE-SEM images with an average size of 26.11 nm the nanoparticles. In the cellular and molecular part of the recent study, the treated cells with AgNPs were assessed by MTT assay for 48h about the cytotoxicity and anti-human oral cancer properties on normal (HUVEC) and oral cancer cell lines i.e. HSC-2, HSC-3, HSC-4, KB, BHY, HN, OECM-1, and Ca9-22. The IC50s of AgNPs were 220, 192, 174, 142, 125, 131, 250 and 219 µg/mL against HSC-2, HSC-3, HSC-4, KB, BHY, HN, OECM-1, and Ca9-22 cell lines, respectively. The viability of malignant oral cell lines reduced dose-dependently in the presence of AgNPs. It seems that the anti-human oral cancer effect of recent nanoparticles is due to their antioxidant effects.