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Design and Performance Assessment of a Novel Framework for Detection and Recuperation Against BlackHole Assault in Wireless Networks: MANET
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  • Mohd Asif Shah,
  • Manmohan Sharma,
  • Mohanjeet Singh,
  • Harpreet Singh Bedi
Mohd Asif Shah
Kebri Dehar University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Manmohan Sharma
RIMT University
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Mohanjeet Singh
Patel Memorial National College
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Harpreet Singh Bedi
Lovely Professional University
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Nodes that can both transmit and receive messages are necessary for communication. Intermediary nodes may be used by nodes that are communicating with each other. Because of the continuous expansion of the communication sector, the number of communicating nodes will inevitably rise in the next years. Requirements were also taken into consideration when designing multiple types of networks, such as MANET. Increasing the scale of the network will lead to new obstacles and problems, as well as all the benefits of the network, making communication easier and more likely to take place. However, there are a slew of factors to take into account while putting together a network, including the number of nodes, type of nodes, message types supported by nodes and networks, message and packet sizes, and the presence of intermediate nodes. Any of the parameters on this list that are compromised will result in a failure, be it at the node level or at the network level. To accept a node without actually knowing its intents might lead to severe issues, such as numerous attacks on the network, such as denial-of-service attacks, Black Hole attack. Once initiated, these assaults might affect a node or the entire network, disrupting communication. A neural network is considered as adaptable to input that is changing. Neural Network is having group of algorithms that will use information for processing, implementation to get improved results. Such system is assumed as having existence of Neurons. The idea of neural networks, which has its origins in artificial intelligence, is fast gaining prominence in the development of other Application fields as well. These roots can be traced back to the early days of computer programming.