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Dark Energy and Electromagnetism
  • Moshe Segal,
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Moshe Segal
Independent Researcher. *

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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† ‡ Affiliations
Independent Researcher. *


The study addresses the following question: what is the source of the Dark Energy? The study provides sound argumentations that Electromagnetic Waves, from separate sources, can consolidate, even though such consolidations seem to embed paradoxes. The study also proposes a physical experiment which might implement consolidations of Electromagnetic Waves, from separate sources. In addition to the above, the study also addresses paradoxes related to the Mutual 15 Annihilation and the Pair Production processes. The study proposes a resolution for all these paradoxes which also concludes that most of the Dark Energy might be related to Electromagnetism and that the Electric Charge is also a form of Energy. One-Sentence Summary: A complement to the Pointing Theorem predicts the source of the 20 Dark Energy, and that the Electric Charges are Energies.