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Deep-Q-Network Hybridization with Extended Kalman Filter for Accelerate Learning in Autonomous Navigation with the Auxiliary Security Module
  • Carlos D. S. Bezerra,
  • Flávio Vieira,
  • Anderson da Silva Soares
Carlos D. S. Bezerra
Universidade Federal de Goias Instituto de Informatica

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Flávio Vieira
Universidade Federal de Goias - Campus Samambaia
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Anderson da Silva Soares
Universidade Federal de Goias Instituto de Informatica
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This article proposes an algorithm for autonomous navigation of mobile robots that merges Reinforcement Learning with Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) as a localization technique, namely, EKF-DQN, aiming to accelerate learning and improve the reward values obtained in the process of apprenticeship. More specifically, Deep Neural Networks (DQN - Deep-Q-Networks) are used to control the trajectory of an autonomous vehicle in an indoor environment. Due to the ability of EKF to predict states, this algorithm is proposed to be used as a learning accelerator of the DQN network, predicting states ahead and inserting this information in the memory replay. Aiming at the safety of the navigation process, it is also proposed a visual safety system that avoids collisions of the mobile vehicle with people moving in the environment. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is verified through computer simulations using the CoppeliaSIM simulator with code insertion in Python. The simulation results show that the EKF-DQN algorithm accelerates the maximization of rewards obtained and provides a higher success rate in fulfilling the proposed mobile robot mission compared to the DQN and Q-Learning algorithms.
31 Oct 2022Submitted to Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies
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