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Geriatrics 8 scores as a predictor of postoperative outcome in elderly patients with Head and Neck cancer in Rajavithi Supertertiary Care Hospital .
  • somjin Chindavijak
somjin Chindavijak
Rajavithi Hospital

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Background : To determine preoperative Geriatric 8 (G8) score in predicting postoperative complications for elderly head and neck cancer patients . Material and Methods: The prospective study in elderly head and neck cancer patients who underwent surgery during December 2020- June 2022 . G8 score were collected before surgery and analysed for the association with complication outcome. Result : Of 104 patients included in this study ,The mean age was 68.84±6.99 years .The Geriatric 8 (G8)score < 14 which were frail group in 73 cases (70.2%) The Clavien-Dindo complications grade III-IV were 30 patients (28.8%). Among these groups ,26 patients (86.7%) was in frail groups and 4 patients (13.3%) with non frail group which is statistically significant different (p=0.019) and Odd ratio of 3.32 , CI =1.01-10.87, p=0.048 Conclusion : The G8 score is a practical tool for prediction post operative complication in elderly Head and Neck Cancer surgery . Keyword : Geriatric 8 score , Geriatric Head and neck cancer , post operative complication