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Cyber security in Education of Universities and Colleges
  • Fatima Tahir,
  • Jaun Ruiz,
  • Antono Ceinzo
Fatima Tahir

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jaun Ruiz
Antono Ceinzo


To encode their knowledge, societies without writing have developed memory techniques based on rhythm, narrative, identification, body participation and collective emotion. In On the other hand, with the rise of writing, knowledge could partially detaching from personal identities or collective, become more "critical", aim for a certain objectivity and a theoretical range " universal". It's not just the modes of media-dependent knowledge information and communication techniques. This are also, through cognitive ecologies they condition, the values and criteria of company judgments. But these are recisely the knowledge assessment criteria (in the broadest sense of this term) which are brought into play by the extension of the cyberculture, with the probable decline, already observable, values that prevailed in civilization structured by static writing. Not that these values are called to disappear but rather to become secondary, to lose their power of command.