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Performance Issue of Organizational Conflicts in Industrial Organization
  • Fatima Tahir,
  • Kiran Bashir,
  • Umme Farwa
Fatima Tahir

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kiran Bashir
Umme Farwa


Conflicts at work are usually seen as obstacles to organizational performance. thus, in their seminal work on the theory of organizations. March define conflict as a blockage of the normal mechanisms of decision making. at the same time, according to a study of the cabinet opp, carried out in 2008 with 5000 European and American employees, 85% of French employees say they are regularly confronted with a conflict at work. the scale and consequences of conflicts should therefore lead organizations to be equipped to process them. however, according to this same study, 73% of employees have never received training and 45% expect their manager to intervention. conflict management is therefore a real challenge. Introduction: