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New Quantum Computing Application with New Data Structure and Data Format
  • Usama Thakur
Usama Thakur

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper we will discuss about a new data structure suitable for Quantum Computing, A new data format called Cdata and how it is used to collect a chaotic systems data and feed into our Non-EuStructure using a four dimensional object to store current and past values and storing them into qubits and how we can use quantum mechanical properties such as superposition and entanglement to easily achieve such complex storing and computing of chaotic systems. First we will look at our Cdata and how it compares to JSON then I will explain the Non-EuStructure data structure and how the flow and storage takes place. After we will take a look at the architecture of Non-EuStructure. We will closely look at Equations and Circuit combinations to achieve our goal.