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Complications of Equine Cheek Teeth Extractions
  • Paddy Dixon
Paddy Dixon
Private Surgical Consultant

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Due to the length of the reserve crown and roots of equine cheek teeth, especially in younger horses, their extraction (exodontia) can be a challenging procedure with the potential for many types of post-extraction complications to develop. The prevalence of post-extraction complications is greatly influenced by the exodontia technique used, with unacceptably high levels of complications with the traditional repulsion technique and conversely, low levels of complications with oral extraction performed by skilled operators. Recent objective studies on post-exodontia problems in horses have also highlighted some risk factors for the development of post-extraction problems including exodontia of rostral mandibular teeth in young horses, and exodontia of teeth with apical infections The recent recognition that some non-healing post-extraction equine alveoli suffer from a disorder very similar to dry socket in humans, may help clinicians to recognise, treat and possibly help prevent this disorder.
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