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Lean Management Process of Sharing Roles and Responsiblities
  • Fatima Tahir,
  • Rajesh Thappar,
  • Punkaj Udhas
Fatima Tahir

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Rajesh Thappar
Punkaj Udhas


Industries and manufacturing companies around the world are successfully implementing lean principles into their processes. Today, lean has become an indispensable part of global players. Recently, lean manufacturing has overtaken the automotive industry and has conquered almost all relevant sectors around the world. Insurance companies, hospitals, and even government organizations are continually improving their processes using lean manufacturing principles. In the recent world, safety and standardization are very important parameters to increase the production of the product in any industry, regardless of its size. After globalization and liberalization, quality has emerged as the most critical and crucial area of concern, along with the productivity of production organizations. With the reduction of various barriers and the pressure of competition in this difficult global market, operational efficiency has become a necessity for organizations.