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Phytochemical screening


Along the sides of the test tubes few drops of Wagner reagent were added into few drops of filtrate, brown-reddish precipitate specifies occurrence of alkaloids. 3.4.2. Test for Carbohydrate: In few ml of distilled water some quantity of extract were dissolved and filtered. The filtrate was used for the following test. Iodine Test: The blue color confirmed the positive test when few drops of iodine solution treated with extract. Fehling Test: 1ml of each Fehling solution A and B was boiled with 1ml filtrate on water bath. Red precipitates confirmed the presence of reducing sugars. Molisch's Test: A violet ring at the junction indicates the presence of carbohydrate when 2 drop of alcoholic í µí»¼-naphthol was treated with filtrate. 3.4.3. Test for protein: