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Evisceration in a thoroughbred gelding following application of a topical chemotherapy agent for the treatment of sarcoids.
  • Alexandra Baldwin,
  • Tim Mair,
  • Evita Busschers
Alexandra Baldwin
Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Tim Mair
Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic
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Evita Busschers
University of Bristol
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This report describes the evisceration of the jejunum following acute dehiscence of the abdominal wall in an 18 year old gelding which had undergone treatment for suspected sarcoids on the ventral abdomen with a topical caustic/chemotherapy agent 6 weeks previously. The sarcoid lesions appeared to be responding appropriately to the topical therapy until the day of presentation. The jejunum was safely contained in an abdominal bandage and the horse underwent emergency referral before immediate anaesthesia and further assessment. The horse was euthanased at the owners’ request following a guarded prognosis.
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