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Assessing Project Management and Technology Problems and Future Implications
  • Shoucheng Zhang,
  • Harvinder Singh
Shoucheng Zhang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Harvinder Singh


There are several components that constitute the project management process, such as Quality Management (QM) and Control Systems, along with "Time, Cost, and Performance Management", that are integral parts of the project management process. During the course of the project, the project work has also been monitored for quality, as with any normal production or manufacturing operation, and it is important that improvements to the project work are also made as the project. It is important to understand that a project is composed of a number of sequential and concurrent tasks and activities that aim to achieve specific inputs and outputs by the end of the project.inputs and outputs. In order to ensure the work is completed correctly, the tasks and activities are carried out successfully as per plan, and the end product meets the requirements of the client or sponsor in the project, it is extremely important that these inputs and outputs are managed and controlled correctly. The outcome of flawed work on one activity/task would have a detrimental effect on subsequent activities, and subsequent activities would have to be reworked, which would result in a delay in the project, an increase in costs, and a threat to its success.