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A high sensitivity double-roughness-structure based on the porous silicon with graphene embedded for the sensing improvement on the non-reactive molecules
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  • Jia-Chuan Lin,
  • Yi-Chun Lin,
  • Chein-Hong Wu,
  • Kalpana Settu
Jia-Chuan Lin
National Taipei University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yi-Chun Lin
National Taipei University
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Chein-Hong Wu
Chung Hua University
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Kalpana Settu
Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Kancheepuram
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A high-sensitivity double-roughness-structure (DRS) and its innovative manufacturing processes are originally proposed for the improvement on the sensing of the non-reactive molecule. The nitrogen molecules are served as the non-reactive test target in the study. In the DRS, the high roughness graphene is embedded into/onto the roughness surface of the porous silicon, and such the porous silicon is specially made by the “bottom-hole assisted approach” to get high-quality films. It is proved that the DRS reveals the double reinforcement on the improvement of the sensitivity based on the high surface-to-volume ratio in the sensing on non-reactive molecules.