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Impact of Corona pandemic on operations and supply chain of Agriculture and Food Processing Sector with reference to MSME in India and the expected recovery prospect
  • Rajat K Baisya
Rajat K Baisya
President-Project & Technology Management Foundation Vice President-Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management Chairman & Managing Director -Strategic, Consulting Group Pvt Ltd Director-Frontier Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd


This article attempts to assess the impact of Corona pandemic on businesses with particular reference to Agriculture and Food processing industries in MSME sector in India and tracing the possible recovery in terms of recreating the lost demand in domestic as well as in international markets. The industries were caught unaware to face the challenges of disruption with sudden announcement of lockdown and the resulting consequences. Industries in MSME sector depends on the functioning of large processors as their support and contract manufacturers as well as on their limited market opportunities which they have developed. During pandemic both collapsed. With the drastic reduction in consumption expenditure and disruption in supply chain coupled with the severe cash crunch, MSME sector has suffered the most. While the impact of COVID-19 on food and agricultural sector was less when compared with other sectors but even in this sector for MSME it was devastating. This article attempts to trace the reasons and estimating the magnitude of the impact and the possible way forward.